Our Commercial Properties Division is working on bringing a wide range of properties to market. Design and planning on these prime properties are ongoing, and we hope to release them soon. Please keep in touch with the latest news and updates.

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Dellray Plaza

Now in the planning stage, Dellray Plaza is 38,000 sq. ft. commercial plaza in a prime Yonge Street in the heart of Innisfil. Dellray Plaza plans to have a wide range of retail and business spaces aimed at providing the surrounding communities with multiple shopping choices.

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Richmond Hill

Office Building

A prime and central location at Yonge and Gamble in the heart of Richmond Hill gives this office building a strategic business advantage. Spread across 10,000+ sq. ft., it offers a variety of small and large office spaces, supported by state-of-the-art technology and connectivity. The building currently has an impressive client list comprising long term tenants, giving it predictable cash flow.

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Multi-family Rental Units

Dellray’s prime initiative in multi-family housing, this is a premier rental building located in the heart of Unionville Markham, close to major highways, GO station, shops, parks, ponds, schools, libraries and community centres. It houses several dozen committed long term tenants who have been living there for many years.